The Front-End Checklist

Original article If you are working alone or in a team, individually, remotely, or on-site, I wanted to share some advice on using the Front-End Checklist and the web application that goes with it. Perhaps I can convince you to integrate it into your development cycle. #1 Decide which rules your project and team need to follow Every project […]

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Python vs R: stack holywar

Which language to use: R or Python ? One day this choise appears for every data scientist. As for me the answer is rather clear – Python. Mostly because it is really universal: you can create sites, apps, develop plug-ins and do datascience within single stack. But competition is very rough. I have found interesting […]

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Daily Refresh of Russian Central Bank currency rates via SQL. Ежедневное обновление курсов ЦБРФ через SQL

Полезная штука – знать курсы валют устанавливаемые Центральным Банком РФ на ежедневно основе. Есть вариант получить эту информацию используя XML и SQL сервер. В этом примере рассмотрено получение курсов валют за 10 последних дней для Евро и Доллара. Ссылка на код CREATE PROC [dbo].[SP_RefreshCBRFrates] as declare @hDoc INT declare @xml xml declare @Object as Int; […]

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Web-Safe CSS font collection

When using fonts on the web, you must first consider what fonts are available to your users. Every operating system, be it Windows, OS X, or Linux, comes with a set of pre-installed fonts that you can use for customizing your website. For a complete list of “web-safe” fonts, follow this link.

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DataScience cheat sheet collection

Basics Python Basics Cheat Sheet Scipy Linear Algebra Cheat Sheet Data Manipulation NumPy Basics Cheat Sheet Pandas Basics Cheat Sheet Pandas Data Wrangling Cheat Sheet xts Cheat sheet data.table Cheat Sheet Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet Keras Cheat Sheet PySpark RDD Cheat Sheet PySpark SparkSQL Cheat Sheet AzureML Cheat Sheet Data […]

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Useful guide for scheduling SSAS model processing Original post: You are working on a BI project that involves SSAS Tabular model. In some cases you need to develop a solution to process the model automatically. There are two scenarios here: You have an up and running SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) instance: In this […]